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Philip Etemesi is an author, screenwriter, and film critic. As a child, he was notorious for watching mature movies like Goodfellas and North By Northwest instead of Home Alone and Kindergarten Cop. His ex-girlfriend once asked him to choose between her and the TV. You can bet what he chose. A wildlife lover, Philip once saved for months to buy an orphaned giraffe named Refu. He then let her stay with her own kind at the sanctuary, but he always visits every weekend and sends the animal version of child support. Cool dude!

The cast of the sci-fi sitcom, Red Dwarf 1
20 Longest-Running British TV Series of All Time

Iconic TV shows like Doctor Who and Coronation Street are the true definition of longevity, but which other projects remained on air for long?

Christian Bale as an FBI agent in Public Enemies (2009) 1
10 Gangster Movies That Focus on the Police

Criminals are normally the main focus of gangster movies, but the following projects also have police officers as central characters.

Split image of Doctor Sleep and The Rage Carrie 2 1
Every Stephen King Movie Sequel, Ranked

Stephen King rarely writes sequels, yet movies based on his works have gotten follow-ups numerous times. Here is how they rank against each other.

Rome-2005-HBO (1) 1
Best TV Shows About Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome has many intriguing tales, and people just can't stop thinking about it. These TV shows are the best to detail Rome.

Underrated Korean Crime Drama Series 1
Underrated Korean Crime Drama Series

Korean crime dramas like Bad Guys and Narco-Saints may be underrated but are arguably better than what's currently available in the TV landscape.

A scene from the Southern Gothic thriller, Wise Blood (1979) 1
20 Captivating Southern Gothic thrillers

Hollywood is packed with Southern Gothic thrillers, and the following stand out because of their fascinating plots and the sheer absurdity on display.

Danny DeVito in a scene from Other Peoples Money 1
15 Movies About Greedy Businessmen

The following movies feature businessmen who cross ethical lines in order to acquire more wealth or protect what they have.

Mariah Carey and Patrick Swayze performing in SNL (Season 16, Episode 4) 1
10 Funniest ‘90s SNL Episodes

The following Saturday Night Live episodes from the '90s pack in a lot more humor than the rest.

The Ford Gran Torino, aka The Striped Tomato as seen in Starsky and Hutch 1
10 Best Detective Shows for Car Lovers

The following detective shows have protagonists who move from one point to the next using very cool rides.

Tedros with Jocelyn as she records her song in The Idol 1
20 Fictional TV Shows About the Music Industry

The following fictional TV shows dive into the glory and woes of the music industry through the eyes of intriguing fictional characters.

A scene from the political thriller, Z (1969) 1
10 Highly Underrated Political Thrillers

Here are some examples of political thrillers that deserve more attention than they have ever gotten.

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Jake Gyllenhaal in Michael Bay's Ambulance (2022) 1
10 Captivating Movies About Crimes Gone Wrong

These are some of the best movies where characters almost pull off the perfect crime only for things to go wrong.

A serial killer in the movie, The Lodger (1927) 1
10 Forgotten Alfred Hitchcock Movies

The following Alfred Hitchcock movies aren't remembered as fondly as the likes of Psycho and Vertigo.

A scene from At Close Range 1
10 Greatest True Crime Movies of the 1980s

From Adam to Mississippi Burning, there are a couple of true crime movies from the '80s that shocked audiences.

Will Smith in Men in Black 1
10 Unconventional Weapons in Sci-Fi Movies

Sci-fi movies are expected to have advanced gadgets but the following weapons are completely unconventional by genre standards.

10 Underrated British Crime Drama Series 1
10 Underrated British Crime Drama Series

The following British crime dramas are awesome, yet they haven't achieved the same level of popularity as shows like Peaky Blinders and Top Boy.

Robert DeNiro as Travis Bickle in a scene from Taxi Driver 1
10 Little Known Behind-the-Scenes Facts About Martin Scorsese Movies

A lot happened before, during, and after the making of Martin Scorsese movies. The following are some of the lesser-known details.

A scene from Battalion (2015) 1
The 10 Best Female-Led War Movies

From Megan Leavey to Return, there are a couple of movies that capture the experiences of women in the military much better.

A battle scene from Union of Salvation (2019) 1
20 Great Movies Set in Imperial Russia

The following movies give a better picture of what life was like for both the rulers and citizens in Imperial Russia.

Miles Teller and Johan Hill in War Dogs 1
15 Best Rise-and-Fall Biopics

The following biopics tell stories of people who rose to the top only to lose everything.

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