The Predator film series is a science fiction horror film franchise. Produced by 20th Century Fox, the series started in 1987 with the film Predator, which led to two sequels and novel, comic book and video game spin-offs. Included in the franchise are the Alien vs. Predator films, based on the related franchise which combine the titular Predator with the creatures from the Alien film series.


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The 11 Best Predator Ripoffs, Ranked

Predator has evolved into one of the greatest franchises of all time. So, of course, there are going to be cheaply made rip-offs of it.

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Predator: Ten Genres and Targets The Character Should Hunt Next

Prey has set a new template for the Predator franchise, and these are ten different time periods and subjects for the alien hunter to battle next.

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Prey Director Would Love to Include Arnold Schwarzenegger in Sequel

Director Dan Trachtenberg thinks it would be "awesome" to have Arnold Schwarzenegger or Danny Glover in Prey 2.

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15 Facts About Predator You Never Knew

Cover yourself in mud, cause we're talking about one of the greatest action movies of all time, Predator.

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Predator: Every Movie in the Franchise, Ranked by Rotten Tomatoes

The Predator franchise has been running strong since 1987. Let's look at how Rotten Tomatoes ranks every movie in the series.

The Best Sci-Fi Movies of the '80s, Ranked 1
The Best Sci-Fi Movies of the '80s, Ranked

The sci-fi boom of the '80s gave us many classics that are still influential to this day, but which of them are the best?

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13 Scariest Movie Aliens and Extraterrestrial Monsters

These classic and modern films like Nope and Alien contain some of the scariest-looking aliens and other-worldly creatures ever seen on film.

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Why the Alien vs. Predator Film Franchise Deserves a Reboot

Alien and Predator franchises are both going strong and now is the perfect time to reboot the crossover event, Alien vs. Predator.

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Prey Director Reveals ‘Exciting Conversations’ Are Happening Regarding Sequel

Director Dan Trachtenberg teases the "crazy things" they could do with the Predator.

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Prey Star Amber Midthunder Teases Further Threats in Sought-After Sequel

Amber Midthunder has revealed where she thinks her character, Naru, will find herself in a possible Prey 2.

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Unreleased Alien vs Predator Anime Series is Complete But Reportedly Sitting In The Disney Vault

It seems that an Alien vs Predator series has been completed from before Disney’s Fox take over, but if it will be released is unknown.

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Prey 2 Is Not Coming Yet, but the Feral Predator is Getting a NECA Action Figure

The Predator from Prey is about to get a 7' action figure from NECA.

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Predator Movies in Order: How to Watch Chronologically and by Release Date

Take a look at the chronology of the Predator franchise (including the great prequel movie Prey), which focuses on the deadliest hunter in the galaxy.

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Predator: Every Main Protagonist in the Franchise, Ranked

Our favorite alien-hunted soldiers fight their greatest predator yet: a ranked list.

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Prey Breaks Through Massive Viewing Milestone on Hulu

Predator prequel Prey has continued to build a huge following since its record-breaking debut and has now passed another milestone.

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Prey Director Says Fans Haven't Suggested His Best Sequel Ideas Yet

Prey 2 will inevitably happen sometime in the future, and Dan Trachtenberg has plenty of ideas that no one has mentioned in fan theories.

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Prey Director Says Complaints About the Movie Are Because Fans Misremember 1987’s Predator

Prey has delivered some of the best reviews of the Predator franchise, but some still have issues with the movie’s female lead.

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Predators: Worthy Follow Up, or Mean-Spirited Best of a Bad Bunch?

With Prey being praised by fans and critics alike, we take a look back at its scrappier older brother, the 2010 movie Predators.

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Prey Star Amber Midthunder Addresses Possible Sequel

Will Naru be back for another Predator movie? Amber Midthunder is sharing her thoughts on the situation.

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Amber Midthunder Comments on Prey Success: 'I'm So Grateful'

Prey has been a big hit for both Hulu and the Predator franchise and Amber Midthunder feels like she's living a dream.

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