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15 Best Superhero TV Shows on Disney Plus to Watch Right Now

Disney Plus has plenty of action-packed superhero shows to enjoy, but these are the best.

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15 Best Classic Older Movies on Disney+ to Watch Right Now

Disney+ is more than just a home for Marvel and Star Wars, with plenty of classic older movies available to watch.

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15 Best Sci-Fi Movies on Disney+ To Watch Right Now

Disney+ has the biggest sci-fi franchises of all time that you can stream whenever, from Star Wars and Avatar to the MCU.

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10 Saddest Movies on Disney+ to Watch Right Now

If you need a good cry, these are some of the saddest movies on Disney+ you can watch right now.

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15 Best Limited Series on Disney+ to Watch Right Now

If you're in the mood for a complete story but want something longer than a movie, you should check these out.

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Best R-Rated Movies You Can Watch on Disney+

The popular streamer is home to countless childhood classics — plus some adult-oriented hits, too.

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Best Disney Channel Animated Series From the 2000s, Ranked

Disney’s animated series were, for many of us, a staple in our childhood. Here are the best animated TV series from the Disney Channel in the 2000s.

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10 Best TV Series on Disney+ You Can Binge in One Weekend

Disney creates hit movies, but their streaming service has also made some binge-worthy series that are fit for weekend viewing.

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Best Mother’s Day Movies to Watch on Disney+, Ranked

Between the lessons and love found in Disney movies, hunker down with the family with Mother's Day to watch the best movies on Disney+.

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The Best Nature Documentaries Streaming Right Now

These nature documentaries are informative, beautiful, and strongly worth a watch, so you can sit back and enjoy a peaceful evening.

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Best Movies on Disney+ That Aren't Star Wars or MCU Related

For those experiencing Star Wars & MCU fatigue, Disney+ is jam-packed with fun and wildly entertaining movies just waiting to be watched.

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Best Disney+ Movies to Watch on a Rainy Day, Ranked

Grab your family and a bowl of popcorn, and spend your next rainy day watching these movies on Disney+.

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Every Movie That Premiered on Disney+ That Was Supposed to Be Released in Theaters

The COVID-19 pandemic saw Disney take 15 films that were intended for theaters and release them on Disney+.

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Best Movies Coming to Disney+ in January 2023

While they're mostly focusing on TV in January, Disney+ is starting the new year out by also updating their collection of great documentaries.

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Best Christmas Movies to Watch on Disney+ This Winter

It's the most wonderful time of year on Disney+. Here's a list of the best Christmas movies to watch this winter.

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MCU: Every Disney+ Series in Phase 4, Ranked

Marvel's first round of Disney + shows delivered some high-quality fun and action. But which one is the best?

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Best Movies Coming to Disney+ in November 2022

Between holiday specials, a celebration of Mickey Mouse, and some great new documentaries, there's a lot to watch on Disney+ in November.

Movies Coming to Disney+ in October  1
Movies Coming to Disney+ in October 2022

Aside from the long-awaited Werewolf By Night, there are several movies being added to the Disney+ streaming platform in October.

Hocus Pocus 2 and Pinocchio Coming to Disney Plus in September 1
Best Movies Coming to Disney+ in September 2022

September will see many major films coming to Disney+ in celebration of Disney+ Day, and a long-awaited sequel to kick off the Halloween season.

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Every Season of the '90s X-Men Animated Series, Ranked

With a revival of the classic series set to happen on Disney+, here is each season of the original X-Men animated series, ranked.

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