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GREG ARCHER's reviews and interviews with TV and film personalities have appeared in USA Today Network, Huffington Post, The Advocate, and other media outlets. ​

The Mattachine Family 1
The Mattachine Family Review: A Heartwarming LGBTQ Indie Film About Chosen Families

Inspiring and filled with emotion, The Mattachine Family stands out for its great premise and powerful cast.

The Origin Of Evil Review: A Twisted Comedy Thriller You Need to See

It's Succession meets Agatha Christie in The Origin of Evil, a delightful French romp about a dysfunctional family on the brink.

No One Will Save You with Kaitlyn Devers 1
No One Will Save You Review: Hulu’s New Alien Invasion Film Is A Terrifying Worldless Wonder

Kaitlyn Dever turns in a commanding performance in this smart sci-fi horror film about alien intruders.

Still Up 1
apple tv plus
Still Up Review: Prepare to Fall in Love with This Delightful New Comedy

Still Up lays on the charm in a heartwarming series about two people bonded together by their insomnia.

It Lives Inside with Megan Suri 1
It Lives Inside Review: A Memorably Creepy Thrill

Director Bishal Dutta mostly avoids typical tropes and delivers a spine-chiller steeped in Hindu mythology.

Big Easy Queens 1
Exclusive: Filmmaker Erynn Dalton and Star Eric Swanson Take Queer Horror to New Heights with Big Easy Queens

Erynn Dalton and Eric Swanson on their new campy glam horror film and how it pushes back at Ron DeSantis.

It Lives Inside horror movie 1
Exclusive: It Lives Inside Director Bishal Dutta Teams with the Producers of Get Out to Scare the Hell Out of You

Bishal Dutta chats up his diverse and shocking new horror film about an ominous mythological creature that wreaks havoc.

The Gold cast 1
The Gold Review: Fascinating Yet Occasionally Weighed Down by Its Complex Story

Engaging but complicated, it's the stellar cast that truly elevates The Gold, which tracks the fallout of the infamous 1983 British gold heist.

Still Up TV show on Apple TV 1
Exclusive: Still Up's Creative Team Unpack the Hilarious New Insomniac Comedy

Executive producers Phil Clarke and Paul Schlesinger and producer Arabella McGuigan on their very different kind of comedy.

No One Will Save You movie on Hulu 1
Exclusive: No One Will Save You Director Brian Duffield Takes a Big Leap with His New Alien Thriller

Brian Duffield on his gripping new extraterrestrial home invasion film and why he hopes it packs a punch.

Psycho The Ed Gein Tapes 1
Exclusive: Director James Buddy Day on the Horror of Psycho: The Lost Tapes of Ed Gein

James Buddy Day unpacks his new docuseries and how graverobber Ed Gein inspired the film Psycho and modern-day horror.

Exclusive: Director Kevin Casanova Abrams on His Timely New Film Marisol

Kevin Casanova Abrams opens up about the new drama and how its star Esméralda Camargo hacked her way into the audition process.

A Million Miles Away Interview Director Alejandra Márquez Abella Image 1
Exclusive: Director/Writer Alejandra Márquez Abella Felt Very Inspired to Make A Million Miles Away

Alejandra Márquez Abella dove right in to adapt astronaut José Hernández’s compelling real-life journey for the screen.

IB_1 1
Invisible Beauty Review: A Powerful & Inspiring Look at One of the Modeling Industry’s Brightest Souls

Bethann Hardison is the great subject in a captivating documentary about a modeling innovator and fierce advocate for diversity.

A Million Miles Away Interview José Hernández SITE Image 1
Exclusive: Astronaut José Hernández on How A Million Miles Away Effectively Captures His Inspiring Life Story

José Hernández discussed how Michael Peña and the filmmakers captured his story, from humble beginnings to the International Space Station.

Wilderness - Look What He Made Her Do 1
Exclusive: Wilderness Director So Yong Kim Wants Audiences to Feel an Edgy Thrill in Her New Series

So Yong Kim opens up the new Prime Video drama, the grueling shoot, and why including Taylor Swift’s music was important.

The Morning Show with Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston 1
The Morning Show
The Morning Show Season 3 Review: Jam-Packed And Filled With Change

Jon Hamm arrives and sends the series in a new direction that’s still engaging, sometimes fun, but always filled with too many bouncing balls.

Moving K-Drama Hulu Interview with Ryu Seungryong 1
Exclusive: Ryu Seung-ryong on His Hit K-Drama, Moving, and His Superpowered Character

Ryu Seung-ryong opened up about leaping into Moving, based on the immensely popular sci-fi/fantasy webtoon.

Eric Roberts in My Last Best Friend movie 1
Exclusive: Eric Roberts on My Last Best Friend and the One Role He’d Love To Play

Eric Roberts chats up career highlights, his love of acting, and the challenge of playing two identical characters in My Last Best Friend.

Io sto bene movie 1
Exclusive: Donato Rotunno Says It Took Nearly Six Years to Make Io sto bene

Donato Rotunno hopes his latest thought-provoking film prompts audiences to reflect upon their own life journeys.

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