Bridgertons second season is right around the corner, and we can’t wait to see the characters’ developments and new storylines. Although there’s a slight change in the overall cast with Regé-Jean Page not retugning and Simone Ashley’s arrival as one of the central characters, the Bridgerton family thankfully stays intact. Indeed, Ashley's introduction to the series puts Lord Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) in a love triangle, as evidenced by the most recent trailer. It's a refreshing narrative to the series, which spotlighted Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor) and Simon's (Page) marriage.

Set in Regency Era-London, Bridgerton was a successful Netflix Original series from TV legend Shonda Rhimes. Adapted from the novels by Julia Quinn, the series tells the story of the titular family members' coming-of-age in English society. Bridgerton has already been renewed for seasons three and four, and with eight children and one mother, it's safe to say that everyone will get their chance in the spotlight. Ahead of Bridgerton's season two premiere, here's a look at every titular family member, ranked by likability.

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9 Gregory


As of now, we haven't really seen that much of Gregory (Will Tilston), but we know he's the second-youngest Bridgerton child. We probably won't get to see much of his storyline in the TV show as they've made him a lot younger in comparison to the books where he's a grown-up boy. The books depict him as a lover of love and a wedding crasher, so to speak. Maybe, at some point he'll get a spin-off.

8 Francesca


The sixth-eldest Bridgerton sibling is Francesca (Ruby Stokes) — yet another character that we don't know that much about if we haven't read the books. As the first season progressed, Francesca kind of disappeared from the screen altogether, so it's hard to tell whether we like her or not. From what the books have told us, Francesca will eventually find a husband who will literally worship her. But it's still up in the air if we'll get to see her storyline depicted on-screen.

7 Hyacinth


It's kind of surprising that Hyacinth (Florence Hunt) is supposed to be younger than Gregory, therefore the youngest sibling. Overall, we didn't get to see a lot of the younger siblings in season one, and we really do hope there will be more Hyacinth content in the second season. From what we've gathered, her character appears to be really witty for her age. She also seems to be excited to grow up and join the debutantes. If she was given more screen time, we're pretty sure she'd win the audience over with her humor.

6 Daphne


Many people may not like Phoebe Dynevor's depiction of Daphne, but there is honestly nothing to hate about it. She fits the character almost perfectly. Despite coming off as uptight on many occasions, we know that she has her relaxed and funny side. Now, where the problem truly comes in is the fact that she continued the sexual intercourse with Simon (Regé-Jean Page) even when he clearly told her to wait. There is no gray area in a situation like this: she sexually assaulted him. Yes, Simon took advantage of her ignorance concerning sex, and they were both in the wrong. What's truly problematic is the fact that in contrast with Simon, she never apologizes for her actions and is rewarded for it instead.

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5 Anthony


You may be thinking: why is Anthony (Jonathan Bailey) so low on the list? Well, even though he may be the fan favorite as his character will be the center of season two, and he has an exciting love story ahead of him, we didn't forget how patronizing he was towards the women in the Bridgerton family. He made decisions for Daphne and insisted she'd marry a predator. He constantly disregarded his mother and acted superior around every member of the family. Yes, his character may have gone through a slight character development, but if he wasn't a good-looking man, everyone would see him for what he initially (or still) was: a misogynist.

4 Violet


Now, of course we have to mention the mother as well, who manages to raise all her kids on her own, as Violet's (Ruth Gemmell) husband died. She desperately tries her best to secure a good marriage for her children. At first, she has done well for Daphne, and it appears that she's ready to throw Anthony into the lion's den in the second season. Violet definitely knows how to stand up for herself, which put her and Anthony's relationship in jeopardy. But, despite how he treated her, she will be of support to him in the second season and will help him to reconnect with his old self. One thing that we'd rebuke is the fact she didn't give Daphne the preliminary sex talk that she needed ahead of her marriage.

3 Benedict


As opposed to the other Bridgerton siblings, Benedict (Luke Thompson) seems to be the only one who doesn't see Anthony as a father figure, but an actual brother. He has control over his own decisions, and he chooses to go against the social norms with his artistic tendencies. Not seeking approval for his risky choices, he also tries giving the other siblings his relentless support without any kind of judgement. We're especially fond of his perfect bond with Eloise. We're excited to see what season two has in store for his character.

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2 Colin


Can we collectively agree that Colin (Luke Newton) is a complete sweetheart? Yes, he's still naive about life and love, but we could see just how willing to help he is when he was courting Marina. His friendship with Penelope is heart-wrenching to watch when we all know that they were made for each other, and he truly treats her with respect. He is a true gentleman, and we hope he won't get corrupted in season two, but instead realizes that he is in love with his best friend.

1 Eloise


Who is your favorite character, and why is it Eloise Bridgerton (Claudia Jessie)? The trope of an independent feminist young woman in period pieces never gets old and Eloise is the proof. She loves getting herself educated on matters and clearly isn't a big fan of the social construct that is marriage. She is opinionated and bossy; no, we don't mead in a bad misogynistic way, but as an actual compliment. All her other siblings — especially the older brothers — value her for who she is, and it's very clear she's universally loved. We can't wait to see her reaction when she finds out that the woman she so admires, is actually her best friend.