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Maria is a graduate from English Literature and Film major who strives to upgrade her skills in storytelling - both written and on screen. Through her university years, Maria has gained skills and experience in storytelling through various creative and critical writings. Screenplays, short stories, and articles are among those. Her admiration for films allows her to know what makes films special, and she is looking forward to pouring her ideas into words.

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Virgin River: Best Episodes of the Series (So Far), Ranked

Secrets are revealed and difficult decisions have to be made. The people of Virgin River are always with drama and heartbreak, but they rise above.

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The Rookie: Best Episodes of the Series (So Far), Ranked

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Sweet Magnolias: 10 Questions We Have After Season 3

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F Is for Family: Best Episodes, Ranked

The dysfunctional Murphy family's journey is filled with ups and downs, smiles and tears. Here are their best episodes.

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F Is for Family Cast and Character Guide

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Best Performances in Bong Joon-ho Movies, Ranked

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Young Sheldon: Best Episodes, Ranked

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Jane the Virgin: Best Episodes, Ranked

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Sanditon Cast and Character Guide

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Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 Storylines, Ranked

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The Watchful Eye: Every Episode, Ranked

A mystery that keeps twisting itself with more surprises than the last. See the twists of The Watchful Eye in every episode.

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