Megan Best in Elevator Game movie 1
Elevator Game Review: Cheeky Urban Legend Film Might Make You Shriek

A new Shudder offering features a young cast reminiscent of past scary classics like Stranger Things and Stephen King's It.

A possessed Iqbal in Blood Flower 1
Blood Flower: Scariest Moments, Ranked

To celebrate the recent Shudder release, we look at the scariest moments in Bloodflower, ranking up to a scene bound to become infamous.

Split image of posters for A Nightmare on Elm Street and Carrie 1
TCM, MeTV, AMC and Shudder Have Fright Fans Covered This Halloween With Horror Programming in September and October

Regardless of the content, there are plenty of horror marathons to keep diehard fans satisfied this spooky season.

A possessed Iqbal in Blood Flower 1
Blood Flower Review: Shudder Delivers a Creepy, Demonic, Malaysian Tale

Blood Flower, a new Malaysian demonic horror movie coming to Shudder, offers some great scares and a unique storyline.

Every Movie coming to Shudder in September 2023 1
Every Movie Coming to Shudder in September 2023

As Halloween quickly approaches, Shudder looks to be your favorite spot for horror movies. Here are the best films coming to the streaming service!

Every Movie Coming to Shudder in August 2023 1
Every Movie Coming to Shudder in August 2023

Beat the heat this summer with Shudder's August releases.

The 20 Best International Horror Movies on Shudder 1
The 20 Best International Horror Movies on Shudder

Shudder has been leading the way as the central hub for where to find the best in horror from all over the world.

Sharksploitation movie with a shark off the coast of Hollywood 1
Sharksploitation Review: A Captivating Look at Shark Movies

Sharksploitation is a wholly captivating, entertaining, and delightful documentary for audiences to sink their teeth into.

Perpetrator 1
Perpetrator Trailer Teases a Horror-Noir with Alicia Silverstone on Shudder

A reckless teen undergoes a feral metamorphosis in the first trailer and poster for Shudder's Perpetrator.

Quicksand movie on Shudder 1
Quicksand Review: Shudder Delivers a Steady Survival Thriller That Sinks Fast

Shudder's new release follows a married couple's attempts at survival after they stumble into quicksand while on a hike in Colombia.

Best Movies Coming to Shudder in July 2023 1
Best Movies Coming to Shudder in July 2023

There's even more from the horror platform in July! Here's everything coming to Shudder next month.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Spin 1200 x 630(1) 1
Best Classic Horror Movies on Shudder to Watch Right Now

Shudder is the streaming service for all things horror, and offer some great classic scary movies on their network. Check out our list of the best.

Ted Geoghegan and Brooklyn 45 1
Exclusive: Ted Geoghegan on the Brilliance of Brooklyn 45

Brooklyn 45 is one of the most unique movies of the year, and filmmaker Ted Geoghegan spoke with us about its potent themes and style.

chopping-mall 1
The 10 Best Sci-Fi Horror Movies to Watch Right Now on Shudder (June 2023)

Shudder is one of the best streaming services out there for watching horror. Here is a list of great sci-fi horror movies available on Shudder.

Brooklyn 45 movie cast 1
Brooklyn 45 Review: A Post-War Séance Turns Tense

Brooklyn 45 is a unique horror chamber drama where World War II officers get together for a séance that spreads paranoia and fear among the group.

Best Movies Coming to Shudder June 2023 An American Werewolf in London, Quicksand, The Devil's Candy 1
Best Movies Coming to Shudder in June 2023

Viewers beware, it's time for more scares. Here is what's coming to Shudder in June 2023.

Shook-2 1
Best Original Shudder Movies on the Horror Streaming Channel

These are the best Shudder movies, a stone-cold frightening and varied bunch of modern classics from the streaming platform.

Shudder Quicksand 1
Shudder's Quicksand: Plot, Cast, Release Date, and Everything Else We Know

Here is everything we know about Shudder's upcoming summer survival horror film Quicksand.

Best Movies Coming to Shudder May 2023 1
Best Movies Coming to Shudder in May 2023

What movies are coming to Shudder in May? Well, there's plenty on the spooky-flavored menu next month.

Anna Camp in From Black (2023) 1
Exclusive: Anna Camp on Her Chilling New Role in From Black

The Pitch Perfect actress dishes on playing a drug-addicted woman in yet another supernatural-laced project following her starring turn in True Blood.

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