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Deadpool 3 with Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman 1
Deadpool 3 Director Likens the ‘Very R-Rated’ Movie to 48 Hours and Midnight Run

Deadpool 3 director Shawn Levy speaks highly of the MCU entry and compares his sequel to a trio of unforgettable buddy comedies.

secret wars downey jr maguire jackman 1
Jeff Goldblum as Grandmaster in Thor Love and Thunder 1
Thor: Love and Thunder Artist Reveals Jeff Goldblum’s Deleted Grandmaster Scenes

Thor: Love and Thunder’s Jeff Goldblum had some interesting ‘lost’ scenes in the film.

The Marvels What to Expect 1
The Marvels Dominates Fall Most Wanted Polls Despite MCU Criticisms

The Marvels has beaten the likes of The Hunger Games prequel and Saw X as the most anticipated movie of the season.

deadpool-3-ryan-reynolds-hugh-jackman 1
Deadpool 3: Rob Liefeld Hypes up the MCU Movie Amid Imminent Funko Pops Release

Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld is excited to see the first Deadpool 3 merch unveiled.

I Am Groot 1
I Am Groot Season 2: New Director Explores James Gunn’s Enduring Impact on the Series

The second season of I Am Groot will still sport the ‘bad baby’ blueprint.

Method Man as Bishop in MCU's X-Men 1
Method Man Aspires to Play a Key Superhero in MCU’s X-Men

Method Man wants to go from Wu-Tang to Wolverine’s ally.

Daredevil Born Again villains 1
Marvel Studios Delays Several Release Dates for Disney+ Series including Daredevil, Agatha and What If..?

Marvel Studios shakes up its Disney+ calendar due to the ongoing strikes, delaying Daredevil: Born Again and more.

Wanda Maximoff the Scarlet Witch is One of the Most Powerful Avengers 1
Marvel's Elizabeth Olsen Says She is Ready to Move On From Scarlet Witch; 'There's No Longevity In One Character'

Marvel fans might not like hearing this, but Elizabeth Olsen doesn't believe there's any 'longevity' in playing a single character.

Paul Rudd as Scott Lang in Ant-Man  1
Ant-Man Shares Secrets on How to Balance Life as a Superhero inMCU Book 'Look Out for The Little Guy!'

The MCU has always been good at spotting a tie-in opportunity, and the latest brings Scott Lang;s Ant-Man book to life.

Daniel Radcliffe 1
Marvel Fans Demand Daniel Radcliffe as Wolverine After Seeing His Body Transformation for Miracle Workers

Hugh Jackman may be joining Ryan Reynold in Deadpool 3, but Marvel fans want Daniel Radcliffe to play Wolverine in the future of the MCU.

Ke Huy Quan as OB in Loki 1
Loki Season 2 Unveils Ke Huy Quan's Character Poster

Ke Huy Quan steals the spotlight in the first Loki Season 2 character poster.

guardians 3 topper 1
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Dominates the Charts Debuting as #1 Streaming Movie

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 was streamed 1.6billion minutes in its first week on Disney+.

x-men 97 season 2 sdcc 1
Disney+ X-Men '97 Rogue Actor Hints at a Wild Season 1

X-Men animated series fans will be in for a treat when Disney+ launched the newest instalment of the saga.

Ms. Marvel Iman Vellani Cosplays as Jubilee 1
Ms. Marvel's Iman Vellani Transforms into X-Men's Jubilee at Fan Expo

Ms. Marvel's mutant status in the MCU may be confirmed, but in real life Iman Vellani recently joined the X-Men.

The Cast of The Marvels Movie 1
The Marvels Runtime Reportedly Revealed, and Would Break a 10 Year Record for the MCU

A new rumor has seemingly revealed that The Marvels will set a new record for an MCU movie when it comes to its runtime.

Marvel Cinematic Universe MCU 1
Marvel Unravels Trailer for the Official MCU Timeline

Marvel Cinematic Universe: An Official Timeline will release on October 24 and will guide fans through the events of the MCU.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 1
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3: VFX Supervisor Breaks Down the Hallway Fight Scene

GOTG Vol.3's epic action sequence has more into it than meets the eye.

MCU Phase 4 Disney+ Series 1
Spider-Man Writer Hits Back At Post-Endgame MCU Fan Complaints

Spider-Man scribe Dan Slott gave the MCU fandom a simple piece of advice when it comes to MCU content complaints.

The Marvels What to Expect 1
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