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Lee LaMarche has been writing in all different forms for decades.  Topics have ranged from entertainment to dementia care and everything in between.  Though a writer at heart, Lee has worked in a variety of fields, with his passion being at-home dementia care.  He is known for creating programs, writing guides, speaking about eldercare, and advising others on behavioral issues.

Lee LaMarche lives in Arkansas but is a native of Boston, MA.  Although he loves writing about entertainment, he is a huge fan of fiction and has written several novels including Empty, Thus Abel Cowered, and Kill Me On A Monday Morning.  Lee is also a dementia care consultant.  Read his other work at and watch videos on TikTok @elder_advice.

The Prime Video Dashboard with Money Handed Over 1
Is Prime Video Really Adding Commercials?

We have been living in a dream world. Movies and television without commercials. But it seems we're about to suddenly wake up to a new truth.

Russell Crowe Gladiator 2 Jesus Cross 1
Gladiator 2: Fans Can't Believe the Insane Original Idea for the Movie

Ridley Scott has an ambitious movie sequel due out next year. But the original script was completely crazy. Let's see what could have been.

Netflix Griselda Sofia Vergara 1 1
Griselda: The Unreal Story Behind the Netflix Miniseries

Griselda Blanco was cunning, frightening, and very real. But who was she, and why is Netflix making a miniseries about her?

AT&T and TimeWarner logos 1
This Was the Final Straw for Cable Television

That's it. Cable can see it's death from here. But what part do sports and news have to do with it?

boy scouts of america 1
Why This New Netflix Documentary Is Making Audiences Uncomfortable

The Boy Scouts have been a joke, a scandal, and a blight. But a new documentary is reviving buried pain.

House of Usher Netflix 1
The Fall of the House of Usher: Why Do We Keep Modernizing Classics?

Another day, another updated classic. But with all these updates, how is The Fall of the House of Usher any different?

Lessons in chemistry 1 1
Lessons in Chemistry: Will Brie Larson's Drama Be a Faithful Book Adaptation?

Brie Larson brings Elizabeth Zott to the screen in the upcoming series Lessons in Chemistry. But does it live up to the original novel?

Benoit Blanc and Hercule Poirot 1
Hercule Poirot vs. Benoit Blanc: What's the Difference?

Two detectives who are so close but so far away from each other. But what is the connection, and what is it that they each do so well on their own?

Hasan Minhaj stand up routine 1
Hasan Minhaj Admitted He Fabricates His Stand-Up Jokes, But Does It Even Matter?

Did Minhaj's statements about his standup material help or hinder his cause? It may mean big changes for him, but what do you think?

How Elemental Proves That Pixar Is Doing the Heavy Lifting for Disney 1
How Elemental Proves That Pixar Is Doing the Heavy Lifting for Disney

The new movie from Pixar has been a savior for the Disney in summer 2023. Here's why Elemental proves the mouse needs them.

warner bros discovery money 1
Warner Bros. Discovery Thinks Streaming Should Be More Expensive, But Is It True?

Remember the name Gunnar Wiedenfels. He is the one who is making sure your rates rise. Plus, he says it's your fault.

The End We Start From Jodie Comer 1
The End We Start From: Is This Survival Thriller Based on a Book?

The End We Start From follows a mother in the aftermath of a disaster. But what is the story, and why the book is so important?

woman of the hour-1 1
Woman of the Hour: The True Story Behind the Upcoming Anna Kendrick Drama

Anna Kendrick's directorial debut follows the deadly swath cut by a larger-than-life serial killer.

What remains of us 1
What Is Kit Harington's Upcoming Horror Movie, and Why Are Audiences So Excited?

Kit Harington is once again stretching his range and trying something new. But the upcoming horror film is slated to be a hit.

Bodies Netflix adaptation comic with a woman covered in blood splatters 1
Netflix’s Bodies Is Based on One Insane Comic

From comic to screen, Bodies is an intensely strange and compelling story. But it just gets weirder and weirder.

Robert Pattinson as The Batman 1
Here's Why Max Is Offloading DC Movies to Prime Video

Here goes Warner Bros. Discovery again. Now, they are giving some of their best content to rival streamers. But why would they do that?

Lady Gaga & Joaquin Phoenix in Joker 2-1 1
Why Joker 2 Being a Musical Makes It Even More Unhinged

Joker 2 will be a psychotic journey into the minds of two insane individuals. Also, singing. And that's scary as hell.

Nicolas Cage in Sympathy for the Devil 1
Nicolas Cage Isn't Taking Every Project, Just Every Good One

Nic Cage is the guy you love in every movie you love. Directors know he's worth every penny. But how does he do it?

peter dinklage tiptoes 1
Tiptoes: The Offensive Peter Dinklage Movie You Probably Haven't Seen

Peter Dinklage is one of the most revered actors in cinema. But even the best make bad decisions. This 2003 film was a disaster.

Creature Commandos 1
Creature Commandos Is Just Animated Suicide Squad, and That's Okay

The Creature Commandos are a strange group assembled by Amanda Waller to combat evil. Why does that sound so cozy and familiar?

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