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I have been writing for MovieWeb since 2021 and am a definately not Genrephobic when it comes down to my taste in movies.

I obtained my first degree in Media Writing from Greenwich University where I was able to engage in all facets of the writing process including writing, critiquing, editing and revising, allowing me to maximise my effectiveness as a writer and reader of media messages. In relation to the course, I spent some time writing as an intern for music and lifestyle magazine Guestlist. 

I also have a Masters degree in Marketing andhave also worked several PR office jobs where writing duties included creating press releases, quotes and byline-articles with a strong emphasis on attention to detail, time management, organisation and communication with the wider team and clients. I have experience in pitching and have secured and written articles for specialist publications like ITPro and TechCrunch as well as top tier nationals like The Times ‘Sunday Technology’ supplement.  


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10 Most Creative Makeshift Weapons in Movie History, Ranked

From iconic moments of survival to outrageous displays of ingenuity, we take a look at some of the greatest makeshift movie weapons.

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10 Tips for Surviving a Horror Movie

Here is a set of rules to follow in case you find youself in the improbable scenario of being thrust into a horror movie.

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10 Greatest Nameless Movie Characters, Ranked

These enigmatic characters managed to leave a lasting impression without ever revealing their names.

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Best Voice Performances in DreamWorks Animation Movies, Ranked

DreamWorks is known for its impressive A-list voice casts. Here are the best voice performances from their extensive catalog of animated classics.

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10 Drama Movies That Define Gen Z

From Joker to Parasite, here are 10 drama movies that define Generation Z.

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11 Actors Who Played Multiple Roles in the Same Movie

These actors showcase their versatility by portraying multiple characters in the same movie.

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10 Animated Movies That Define Gen Z

From Minions to Moana, here are 10 animated movies that have come to define Generation Z.

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16 Famous Actors Who Have Lent Their Voices to Video Games

From Samuel L. Jackson to Rami Malek, here are 8 well known actors who have voiced characters in video games.

Lady Bird 1
10 Comedy Movies Movies That Define Gen Z

From Booksmart to The Lego Movie, here are 10 comedy movies that have come to define Generation Z.

Jessica Rothe with BabyFace 1
10 Horror Movies That Would Make Great TV Shows

Following the likes of The Evil Dead, Pycho, Child's Play and Scream, we feel these horror movies are ideal for TV adaptations.

Best Movies From DreamWorks Animation, Ranked - RP 1
15 Best Movies From DreamWorks Animation, Ranked

The Bad Guys has just hit theaters. To celebrate, we're taking a look back at some of the best movies from DreamWorks Animation.

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10 Iconic Movie Characters That Have Appeared in the Mortal Kombat Games

As we gear up for the release of the Mortal Kombat 2, we take a look back at some of the iconic movie characters who have appeared in the game series.

Once Upon A Time in Hollywood 1
10 Best Modern Movies Set in the 1960s

The swinging 60s was one of recent history's most exciting eras, so it's no surprise it is revisited so often in modern cinema.

Janet Leigh in Psycho 1
10 Movies That Were Inspired By Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho

Few films have had an impact as profound and enduring as Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. Here are 10 movies influenced by the 1960 masterpiece.

Jigsaw 1
13 Movies to Watch if You Love the Saw Franchise

As we gear up for the release of Saw X, later this year, here are 13 movies to quench your bloodlust while you wait.

Milton from Office Space with posters for The Devil Wears Prada and Anchorman in the background 1
Best Workplace Comedy Movies, Ranked

Live out your wildest work-based fantasies with these great workplace comedy movies.

The Meg 2 1
10 Movies That Fared Better Oversees Than They Did Domestically

As The Meg 2 wreaks havoc at the box office overseas, we take a look at 10 movies that performed better internationally than they did domestically.

Lethal Weapon 3 1
10 Best Buddy Cop Duos, Ranked

Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for a ride through the best buddy cop duos to have ever graced the screen.

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15 Action Movies Turning 23 in 2023

As we come around to accepting it's 2023 already, let's take a look back at a few of the biggest action movies released in 2000, 23 years ago.

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Best Movies About Robots, Ranked

From The Iron Giant to The Terminator, these movies about robots captivated, excited, and even terrified audiences.

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