Swinging with the Finkels has all the traditional elements of a classic romantic comedy an appealing and talented cast headed by Martin Freeman and Mandy Moore, a smart and funny script brought to life by a promising director making his feature debut, and a sophisticated metropolitan setting. How it came to be, though, is a story for today. Swinging with the Finkels started its life as a short film which Jonathan submitted to a competition for Filmaka, the global digital entertainment studio. Filmaka's co-founder Deepak Nayar recognized the short's potential to be a feature so he asked Jonathan to draft a script and, less than a year later, the movie Swinging with the Finkels entered production. It didn't hurt that Jonathan had already proven himself to be award-winning director of the short films Foster (HBO/BBC) and Father's Day (Ford/JWT/Filmaka Grand Prize Winner), not to mention one of Shoot Magazine's New Directors of 2009.


Swinging with the Finkels begins where When Harry Met Sally left off. Broadly speaking, it's what happens to couples after they get married, the dust has settled, the boredom sets in, and the problems begin.

I've always liked the idea of making a commercial, glossy film with the sensibility of an American romantic comedy, but set in London, showcasing the beautiful colourful backdrops that make our capital so unique. It was my intention to make a film that could compete with the best of the American romantic comedies. The script has a mix of both observational humour that typifies the distinctions between men and woman and married couples and, at the same time, physical set pieces with some laugh out loud moments that rely on more visual humour. While on the surface, this is the story of a couple that will do ANYTHING to save their marriage, even swing with another couple, dig deeper and at its heart is the story of how men relate to women, the difficulties married couples face in keeping it together, and what happens when the passion dies. Is the grass greener on the other side?

Bringing the film to life was our great group of actors: Martin Freeman, Mandy Moore, Melissa George, Jonathan Silverman, and comedy legend Jerry Stiller.

I hope you enjoy Swinging with the Finkels it was a labour of love for all concerned.
- Jonathan Newman