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Best Sports Perfromances  1
The All-Time 15 Best Performances in Sports Movies

From the underdogs to the champions. These are the best performances in sports movies.

Dallas Cowboys 1
The Dallas Cowboys' Long History in Hollywood, Explained

For a team that doesn't win a lot, the Dallas Cowboys has made a variety of appearances/roles in Hollywood films, television, and video games.

Deion Sanders in Deion's Double Play 30 for 30 1
12 Times Football Legend Deion Sanders Played Himself in Movies and TV Shows

Known affectionately as "Prime Time" in his heyday, Deion Sanders has made several cameos on the big and small screen.

Stephen Curry Underrated 1
Max: Fans of Live Sports Can Enjoy a Thrilling New Tier on the Streaming Service Starting This Fall, Includes MLB, NBA & the NHL

Max subscribers will soon be able to watch the MLB, NBA, NHL and even March Madness on the streaming service.

Jump In! Kenneth Daniels and Izzy Daniels 1
The 10 Best Disney Channel Original Sports Movies

From basketball to wrestling, snowboarding, and martial arts, the Disney Channel has a large library of sports movies. But, which are the 10 best?

Denzel Washington in Remember the Titans, Kevin James in Home Team, and Matthew McConaughey in We Are Marshall 1
12 Actors Who Played Real-Life Football Coaches in Movies

These 12 actors flexed their acting chops and portrayed inspiring (or controversial) football coaches.

North 3   1
This Is Still the Best Movie Based on the NFL

The merciless 1979 football film North Dallas Forty resonates as strongly now as when it was released.

harry-potter-ron-quidditch 1
Sports vs Sci-Fi: Who's Really Winning?

We'll take a dive into the sports genre and how this formerly underdog form of amusement is supplanting the science fiction victor!

Kirsten Dunst and Gabrielle Union in Bring It On 1
13 Movies from the Early-2000s That Highlight Women Athletes

Sports movies centering women athletes are gems in the film industry. Here are 13 you must watch from the early-2000s.

Coco Gauff Watches My Hero Academia 1
U.S. Open Winner Coco Gauff Binge-Watched Anime Like My Hero Academia Before Playing

My Hero Academia and other anime has become a part of Coco Gauff’s pre-game ritual.

BS (Bishop Sycamore) High Football Field 1
BS High: Why This Is the Wildest Sports Documentary Released in Years

BS High is easily one of the craziest sports documentaries ever released, solely because of its ludicrous subject.

bryant gumbel 1
HBO's Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel Ends After 29 Years On Air

After 29 seasons and over 300 episodes, HBO’s 'Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel' is set to end this year.

kelce-prime 1
Kelce Trailer Highlights NFL Legend & His Brother's Rivalry

The trailer for sports documentary, Kelce, is here and reminds audiences that it will land on Prime Video on September 12.

The 10 Best Fictional Movie Football Players of All Time 1
The 11 Best Fictional Movie Football Players, Ranked

With American football being one of the most popular sports in the world, it's time to examine the best fictional football players of all time!

andrew_dice_clay_in_warrior_strong_movie 1
Andrew Dice Clay Leads Basketball Redemption Comedy in Warrior Strong Trailer

The new Warrior Strong strong trailer teases a sports tale in the vein of such great underdog movies as Hoosiers and Bad News Bears.

Zendaya in Challengers 1
Challengers' Stars Zendaya and Josh O'Connor Dish on Playing Villains in Upcoming Film

Zendaya admits there's a "villain-esque" quality to her character, Tashi Duncan, in the film Challengers.

Split image of Ford v Ferrari, I, Tonya and Moneyball 1
16 Best Sports Biopics of All Time, Ranked

From Raging Bull to I, Tonya, here's a list of the best sports biopics about excellent athletes, ranked.

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The Hill movie with Dennis Quaid 1
The Hill Review: Batter Up, If the Script Doesn't Weigh You Down

The Hill manages to survive its lengthy runtime to deliver the inspiring and uplifting story of baseball’s Rickey Hill.

The Blind Side 1
‘The Blind Side’ Producers Respond to Michael Oher’s Claims of Inaccuracy: The Film ‘Will Never Be a Lie or Fake’

Broderick Johnson and Andrew Rose said the film's story was verified by Michael Lewis, the author of the 2006 novel, The Blind Side.

A League of Their Own cast in the 2022 remake 1
A League of Their Own Co-Creator Speaks Out For First Time Since the Show Was Canceled

A League of Their Own co-creator Will Graham wrote a lengthy tweet addressing the end of the short-lived Prime Video series.

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