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10 Best Comedy Movies on Paramount+ to Watch Right Now

Paramount+ houses something to tickle every funny bone, whether you lean towards romantic comedies or genre parodies.

Showdown at the Grand with Terrence Howard 1
Showdown at the Grand Trailer Has Art Imitating Life in Wild Action Comedy

Dolph Lundgren and Terrence Howard go to war in the first trailer for action comedy Showdown at the Grand.

The Origin Of Evil Review: A Twisted Comedy Thriller You Need to See

It's Succession meets Agatha Christie in The Origin of Evil, a delightful French romp about a dysfunctional family on the brink.

toxic-avenger-remake 1
The Toxic Avenger Remake First Reactions Tease a Fun, Gory & Crazy Adventure

Peter Dinklage stars in the remake of the classic horror comedy, The Toxic Avenger.

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The Curse First-Look Finds Emma Stone & Nathan Fielder Facing Dark Troubles in Genre-Bending Comedy

Emma Stone and Nathan Fielder star in Showtime's upcoming horror-comedy series as doomed house flippers, and the first images have now been unveiled.

Cast of Tripped Up 1
Tripped Up Trailer Delivers the Perfect Recipe for a Female-Led Comedy

Leah Lewis leads the cast of the upcoming comedy, Tripped Up.

Still Up 1
apple tv plus
Still Up Review: Prepare to Fall in Love with This Delightful New Comedy

Still Up lays on the charm in a heartwarming series about two people bonded together by their insomnia.

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30 Best Comedy Movies on Max to Watch Right Now

The best comedy films streaming on HBO Max, now rebranded simply Max, are guaranteed to maximize your laughs.

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Only-Murders-in-the-Building 1
15 Mystery Comedy TV Shows That Will Make You Laugh and Keep You Guessing

From Only Murders in the Building to Castle, these mystery comedy shows are sure to make you laugh while they keep you guessing.

Origin of Evil cast 1
The Origin of Evil Clip Splits Up a Dysfunctional Family in New Comedy-Thriller

The Origin of Evil is a wicked comedic thriller about the supposedly long-lost daughter of a wealthy, aging patriarch.

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Hilarious Comedy Movies Based on Real People

Not all of these comedy movies are strictly biopics, but they do incorporate the stories of real-world people.

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The Highest Grossing Comedy Movie from Each Year in the 1990s

Some comedies aren’t just hilarious, they sweep the box office with massive cash returns.

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Exclusive: Still Up's Creative Team Unpack the Hilarious New Insomniac Comedy

Executive producers Phil Clarke and Paul Schlesinger and producer Arabella McGuigan on their very different kind of comedy.

Glen Powell Hit Man 1
Netflix Picks up Richard Linklater & Glen Powell’s Hit Man for $20 Million

Netflix has purchased the rights to Richard Linklater's action comedy masterpiece, Hit Man.

Nina Dobrev Sick Girl 1
Sick Girl Trailer Finds Nina Dobrev Leading New R-Rated Comedy

Nina Dobrev pretends to be seriously ill in the first trailer for Sick Girl.

The 10 Most Deadpan Comedy Movies of All Time 1
The 10 Most Deadpan Comedy Movies of All Time

Deadpan humor lacks facial expressions and farcical language. Here are the 10 most deadpan comedy movies of all time.

11 Korean Action-Comedy Movies That Are to Die For - RP 1
16 Korean Action-Comedy Movies That Are to Die For

South Korean action-comedy movies are an absolute gold mine of entertainment with seemingly no end. Here are the best of the best.

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10 Best Comedy Movies on Tubi to Watch Right Now

Whether you want comedy classics or cult favorites, satirical fun or oddball flicks, Tubi TV has movies that will have you lauging your face off.

The Highest Grossing Comedy Movie from Each Year in the 1980s 1
The Highest Grossing Comedy Movie from Each Year in the 1980s

These 10 comedies of the 1980s changed the landscape of cinema forever.

A scene from It Happened One Night 1
10 Classic Screwball Comedies From the 1930s

Let's go back in time to reminisce about legendary screwball comedies from the golden age of 1930s cinema.

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