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Rebel Directors Explain What the World Missed Out on with Batgirl and Why They Make Movies

Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah described the shelved Batgirl movie and their astounding personal film, Rebel.

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Exclusive: Expend4bles Producers on Returning to O.G. Thrills for Latest Sequel

Kevin King-Templeton and Les Weldon dished to MovieWeb about working with veteran stars like Sly Stallone, Jason Statham, and more.

A Haunting in Venice - Composer Hildur Gudjnadottir Interview 1
Exclusive: Oscar-Winning Composer Hildur Guðnadóttir Scores A Haunting in Venice

Icelandic composer Hildur Guðnadóttir takes Hercule Poirot to sinister places with her magnificent score for A Haunting in Venice.

Alan Ng on set of Expend4bles (2023) 1
Exclusive: Expend4bles Director and Stunt Coordinator on Their Latest Action Entry

Scott Waugh dished about the challenges behind taking on the existing franchise, while Alan Ng opened up about his work with Jackie Chan and others.

The Continental - Basil Iwanyk, Erica Lee, and Albert Hughes Interview 1
Exclusive: The Continental Producers on the Challenge of Bringing the World of John Wick to TV

John Wick producers Basil Iwanyk and Erica Lee discuss the pressures of bringing the popular franchise to television with The Continental.

The Continental - BTL Talent Interview 1
Exclusive: The Continental Crew Discusses the Stunts, Sound, Productions, and Costumes of the John Wick Show

The stunt coordinator, production designer, costume designer, and sound editor take us behind the scenes of bringing The Continental to life.

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Exclusive: Andy Lau and Ning Hao on Satirizing Stardom and the Film Industry with The Movie Emperor

We interviewed star Andy Lau and director Ning Hao at TIFF 2023 about their newest film, The Movie Emperor.

Shaky Shivers 1
Exclusive: Sung Kang on Finding His Calling with Directorial Debut Shaky Shivers

Sung Kang makes his directorial debut with Shaky Shivers, a horror-comedy about two friends fighting a curse in an abandoned camp.

Big Easy Queens 1
Exclusive: Filmmaker Erynn Dalton and Star Eric Swanson Take Queer Horror to New Heights with Big Easy Queens

Erynn Dalton and Eric Swanson on their new campy glam horror film and how it pushes back at Ron DeSantis.

It Lives Inside horror movie 1
Exclusive: It Lives Inside Director Bishal Dutta Teams with the Producers of Get Out to Scare the Hell Out of You

Bishal Dutta chats up his diverse and shocking new horror film about an ominous mythological creature that wreaks havoc.

A Haunting in Venice - James Prichard Interview 1
Exclusive: Agatha Christie's Great-Grandson and Executive Producer of A Haunting in Venice

James Prichard, CEO of Agatha Christie Limited, discusses adapting one of his great-grandmother's more obscure novels into a terrifying mystery.

Still Up TV show on Apple TV 1
Exclusive: Still Up's Creative Team Unpack the Hilarious New Insomniac Comedy

Executive producers Phil Clarke and Paul Schlesinger and producer Arabella McGuigan on their very different kind of comedy.

No One Will Save You movie on Hulu 1
Exclusive: No One Will Save You Director Brian Duffield Takes a Big Leap with His New Alien Thriller

Brian Duffield on his gripping new extraterrestrial home invasion film and why he hopes it packs a punch.

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Exclusive: Rebel Directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah Go From Blockbusters to Their Most Personal Film Yet

Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah spoke about their very personal, painful new film about ISIS and family, Rebel.

The Continental - Albert Hughes Interview 1
Exclusive: The Continental Director Albert Hughes Discusses the World of John Wick

Albert Hughes talks about joining the John Wick franchise and what he looked to bring to the franchise's TV series.

Psycho The Ed Gein Tapes 1
Exclusive: Director James Buddy Day on the Horror of Psycho: The Lost Tapes of Ed Gein

James Buddy Day unpacks his new docuseries and how graverobber Ed Gein inspired the film Psycho and modern-day horror.

Charlie Plummer in National Anthem 1
Exclusive: Luke Gilford and Charlie Plummer Talk Intimacy, Drag, and National Anthem [TIFF 2023]

We interviewed National Anthem's director, Luke Gilford, and its lead actor, Charlie Plummer, at TIFF 2023.

Elevator Game (2023) horror movie on Shudder 1
Exclusive: Elevator Game Star and Producer on Their New Urban Legend Horror Feature

Gino Anania and Stefan Brunner dish on their new Shudder movie that centers on young filmmakers unlocking a terrifying alternate universe.

Exclusive: Director Kevin Casanova Abrams on His Timely New Film Marisol

Kevin Casanova Abrams opens up about the new drama and how its star Esméralda Camargo hacked her way into the audition process.

A Haunting in Venice - John Paul Kelly Interview 1
Exclusive: John Paul Kelly's Stunning Production Design for A Haunting in Venice

Renowned production designer John Paul Kelly on Kenneth Branagh's unconventional filming and building complex sets in a short timeframe.

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