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Why American Graffiti Is George Lucas’s Ultimate Masterpiece

The “galaxy far, far away” tagline is as applicable to American Graffiti as Star Wars.

Every Movie Coming to Shudder in October 2023 1
Every Movie Coming to Shudder in October 2023

The best dang lineup Shudder has had this entire year. Seriously. Check out every movie coming to Shudder in October 2023.

The Prime Video Dashboard with Money Handed Over 1
Is Prime Video Really Adding Commercials?

We have been living in a dream world. Movies and television without commercials. But it seems we're about to suddenly wake up to a new truth.

Tom Cruise in Top Gun Maverick 1
Top Gun 3: Everything That’s Been Said About a Potential Sequel

Will Tom Cruise return for a Top Gun 3 anytime soon? Here are all the details on a possible sequel to Top Gun: Maverick.

A scene featuring the Jaeger mechs from Pacific Rim 1
Pacific Rim: How Guillermo del Toro's Monster Film Has Aged After 10 Years

Pacific Rim, Guillermo del Toro's massive monsters vs robots fight night, turns 10 this year. Here's how it holds up after a decade:

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Every Movie Leaving Max in October 2023 1
Every Movie Leaving Max in October 2023

October is here, and so is your final chance to check out these classics on Max.

Love at First Sight  1
Love at First Sight: Why Audiences Are Obsessed With Netflix's Latest Rom-Com

Netflix's Love at First Sight has risen to the top of trending charts. Why have viewers been obsessed with the rom-com?

Elemental-film 1
Is Elemental a Must-Watch for Pixar Fans?

Disney and Pixar's Elemental has become a box-office success. Is the film really a must-watch for fans?

Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca 1
What Makes a Movie Timeless?

The passing of time is one of the most relatable aspects of our world, but what makes something, particularly a movie, timeless?

David Tennant in Doctor Who 1
How to Start Watching Doctor Who if You've Never Seen It

Are you new to Doctor Who? Here's a guide on how to start watching the iconic show and dive into the world of Time Lords and companions.

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annihilation-movie-natalie-portman 1
Annihilation Ending, Explained

If you are still confused about the end of Annihilation, we have everything you need to know.

Russell Crowe Gladiator 2 Jesus Cross 1
Gladiator 2: Fans Can't Believe the Insane Original Idea for the Movie

Ridley Scott has an ambitious movie sequel due out next year. But the original script was completely crazy. Let's see what could have been.

the-creator-reactions 1
The Creator: Plot, Cast, Release Date, and Everything We Know

Starring John David Washington and Gemma Chan, The Creator is one of the most anticipated films of the year. Here is everything to know about it.

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Tina Fey, Michelle Yeoh, and Kenneth Branagh in A Haunting in Venice 1
Why A Haunting In Venice Is the Perfect Spooky Season Film

Spooky season films don't have to be gory slashers. Here's why you should watch A Haunting in Venice this fall.

Megan Fox, Jason Statham and Sylvester Stallone in Expend4bles (2023) 1
The Expendables 4: Why the Movie Took So Long to Finally Happen

The Expendables 4 was years in the making and did not pay off at the box office. Here's why it took so long to happen.

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Netflix Griselda Sofia Vergara 1 1
Griselda: The Unreal Story Behind the Netflix Miniseries

Griselda Blanco was cunning, frightening, and very real. But who was she, and why is Netflix making a miniseries about her?

Yellowstone cast 1
Is Yellowstone Any Different on CBS?

Despite no cussing, nudity, or bloody violence, has Yellowstone unexpectedly gotten better on CBS?

One Piece anime 1
One Piece: Is It Worth Watching Over 1000 Episodes of the Anime?

Despite being one of the longest-running anime series, One Piece is well worth watching. Here's why.

Jack Black in School of Rock 1
School of Rock: 20 Years Later, This Is Still Jack Black's Best Comedy

Mr. Black does not accept any substitutes in this comedic classic.

Elemental characters sitting together 1
How Elemental Introduced Pixar’s First Non-Binary Character

Elemental introduced Pixar’s first-ever official non-binary character. Here is everything we know and why it was a big deal.

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